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Why Knot Bonus Material

The new DVD contains the same incredible learning system as the VHS version, but includes over 34 minutes of bonus materials, PLUS Language options:English or Spanish! For the hearing impaired, turn on the English or Spanish subtiltles! Because DVD technology is so flexible, you can now navigate to the knot or group of knots you wish to learn using simple menus. Learn Just Knots or knots & their applications!

Bonus Material

Speed Knots ( 8:40 ) - Go beyond learning special ways to tie knots faster. We teach you how to take a knot apart and create your own speed knot method. As you learn these techniques, you will see:
    •    3 methods of tying a Double Bow
    •    7 methods of tying a Bowline
    •    Faster ways of tying each of the Boy Scout Handbook knots

Tie Knots ( 6:42) - We teach you how to tie a regular necktie using the Pratt knot, Half Windsor, Full Windsor,or Four-in Hand. We also teach you how to tie a bow tie.

Making a Rope Litter ( 6:26 ) - Here is a simple a method of creating a rope litter for rescue work. Using nothing more than a 50-60M climbing rope, you can create a litter that could save your life or allow you to save someone else.

Creating a Rope Making Machine ( 12:40 ) - This was originally a part of the discontinued video entitled "Just Knots and a Few Splices". During this portion, you will learn how to make a simple rope making machine that you can use to make your own rope from twine, yarn, string. or even native (raw) materials

Language Options- Now a wider audiance can enjoy the instruction of "Why Knot"!

  • English or Spanish Language

  • English or Spanish Subtitles


Are you interested in boating knots, equestrian knots, rock climbing knots? We have created knot groups so you can learn all the knots you need to help you enjoy your favorite activity. We include the following knot sets:

    •    Boating knots 
    •    Camping knots
    •    Crafts knots
    •    Equestrian Knots
    •    Fishing Knots 
    •    Rock Climbing knots

We also provide the following sets, just in case you are short on time and want to learn the most important knots fast.

    •    Six Boy Scout handbook knots
    •    Top 10 knots
    •    Top 15 knots
    •    Top 20 knots
    •    Top 25 knots

With each knot set, we give you the ability to go to a specific knot, or view the entire knot set.